Solar Electric
Solar Electric Photovoltaic PV PanelsSolar electric, also known as solar photovoltaic (PV), is typically the most effective way to generate a portion or even all the electricity used by your home or business.

Once installed, solar electric systems benefit from no moving parts, which means virtually no maintenance and they are expected to continue generating electricity for over 30 years!

Our solar electric site assessments include determination of shading, tilt and orientation of your home as well as inspection of your current electrical panel.We provide free residential and commercial solar electric site assessments.

Why Solar Electric?

  • No future rate increases
  • Generous federal and state tax credits and NYSERDA rebate incentives
  • Every $1 saved in yearly utility costs increase your homes value by $20 (The Appraisal Journal Report)
  • For example, a system that saves $1,000 a year adds $20,000 in value to your home.
  • No moving parts, noise or fossil fuels
  • New York State residential property tax exemption for 15 years
  • 30+ years of maintenance free electricity
  • scalable design allows you to add to your system over time as you're ready
  • 24 / 7 real time online monitoring of your system including your carbon (CO2) offset

If you’d like to get on the path to sustainability and energy independence with a solar electric system, call or email Seed Solar today.